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it's a way to compose vertical artistic works, moving single ceramic's tiles above metallic's backdrop.
So it's possible having in our representative locations what we define as: " subjective compositions ", thanks to magnets behind tiles.

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Artisan, sculptor, artist.
In a word: “plastic creative”.

He was born in Mexico City on the 2nd of December 1962.
In 1981 he graduated at the Arts High School ENEP 9 at the Università Nacional Autònoma de México. From 1981 to 1983 he studied Educational Psychology at UNAM in Mexico City. He attended classes of “Contemporary and pre- Hispanic Art History” and in the same period he attended as well classes of painting techniques with teachers of the Franz Meyer Museum in Mexico City.

In 1996 he moved to Rome and hkept on attending artistic ceramics and sculpture classes, studying plasticity and European decoration.
In 2001 he gave birth to his commercial activity “Ceramica artistica Macías”, (“Macías Artistic Ceramics”) joining different exhibitions all over Italy.

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furniture complements
design panels
building your project
the advantage to order a personal work to Ricardo Macias, is mainly to be able to simultaneously refer   an artist and a craftsman too.
All the works are unique pieces as handmade.

If you're needing a project, contact us; we can build and personalize your ideal environment together, and amplify those unique details that are part of your brand.

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The "trees of life" are part of Mexican culture, here reworked in a middle dimension between folklore and design.
Size, colors and apparent monochrome, for institutional and comfortable environments, all entirely original and uniquely handmade.

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plastic creative
Why not choose an exclusive vase or lamp to embellish your reference environment?
All the works below,  are "unique" because they' re completely handmade.

So it may be possible not to find what you are looking for because already sold.

It is however possible to have one "similar" to what you have lost (in fact no work can be the same), asking to create another one, also changing color or size.

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We think it may be necessary not only to let you see the individual works  ("design panels") with their details and measures, but also try to insert them in a virtual museum, where you can also understand their real proportions.

For any information or to personalize an environment, we invite you to contact us at:

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39 333-3295752
39 333-3295752